Daytime panels/screenings will be in David Lawrence 106

Evening screenings at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Melwood Screening Room

3 May


10 am



2 pm


Nikolai Dostal''s Pete on the Way to Heaven (2009, 97 min)

Introducer: Petre Petrov
Respondent: Drew Chapman

Aleksandr Proshkin’s The Miracle (2009, 110 min)

Introducer: Tony Anemone
Respondent: Hillary Brevig

4 May


10 am



2 pm




Larisa Sadilova’s Sonny (2009, 96 min)

Introducer: Vida Johnson
Respondent: Elise Thorsen

Kira Muratova’s Melody for a Street Organ (2009, 153 min)

Introducer: Dan Morgan
Respondent: Gerald McCausland

5 May


10 am



2:30 pm




Boris Khlebnikiov’s Help Gone Mad (2009, 118 min)

Introducer: Nikolai Izvolov
Respondent: Chip Crane

Roundtable 1: Nancy Condee (click here for recording)


Vasilii Sigarev’s Wolfy (2009, 88 min)

Introducer: Nikolai Izvolov

6 May


10 am







Nikolai Khomeriki’s Tale in the Darkness (2009, 77 min)

Introducer: Joshua First
Respondent: Nicola Kuchta

Ivan Vyrypaev’s Oxygen (2009, 75 min)

Introducer: Nancy Condee

7 May


10 am




2:00 pm




Buslov, German, et al.’s Crush (2009, 92 min)

Introducer: Frederick H. White (click here for recording)
Respondent: Olga Klimova (click here for recording)


Andrei Khrzhanovskii’s Room and a Half (2009, 121 min)

Introducer: Adam Lowenstein
Respondent: Irina Anisimova


Valerii Todorovskii’s Hipsters (2009, 115 min)

Introducer: Tony Anemone

8 May


11 am


7:30 pm




Roundtable 2: Vladimir Padunov and Nikolai Izvolov (click here for recording)

Vladimir Bortko’s Taras Bulba (2009, 128 min)

Introducer: Alexander Prokhorov