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Event Schedule

Daytime panels/screenings will be in David Lawrence 106
Evening screenings at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Melwood Screening Room, with the exception of Tuesday evening’s Liquid Sky which will be held at Riverside Drive-in

Monday 30 April

9am: Grigorii Aleksandrov’s Jolly Fellows (1934)
Introduction: Igor Soukmanov [Part 2]
Response: Chip Crane

2pm: Abram Room’s A Severe Young Man (1936)
Introduction: Dan Morgan
Response: Gerald McCausland

Tuesday 1 May

9am: Gennadii Kazanskii, Vladimir Chebotarev’s Amphibian Man (1961)
Introduction: Todd Reeser
Response: Erin Alpert

2pm: Viktor Titov’s Hello, I’m Your Aunt! (1975)
Introduction: Nina Tsyrkun
Response: Irina Anisimova

8pm (at Riverside Drive-in):
Slava Tsukerman’s Liquid Sky (1982)
Introduction: Slava Tsukerman

Wednesday 2 May

9am: Iurii Mamin’s Sideburns (1990)
Introduction: Dawn Seckler
Response: Beach Gray

2pm: Roundtable 1
Nancy Condee and John MacKay

7:30pm: Aleksandr Medvedkin’s Happiness (1934)
With Gamelan (Jeremy Woodruff)
Introduction: John MacKay and Discussion

Thursday 3 May

9am: Sergei Solov'ev’s House Under a Starry Sky (1991)
Introduction: Tony Anemone
Response: Olga Klimova

7:30pm: Sergei Livnev’s Hammer and Sickle (1994)
Introduction: Elena Petrovskaya

Friday 4 May

9am: Sergei Debizhev’s Two Captains II (1992)
Introduction: Randall Halle
Response: Natalie Ryabchikova

2pm: Renata Litvinova’s The Goddess: How I Fell in Love (2004)
Introduction: Elena Petrovskaya
Response: Elise Thorsen

7:30pm Feliks Mikhailov’s Jolly Fellows (2009)
Introduction: Nina Tsyrkun and Discussion

Saturday 5 May

11am: Roundtable 2
Vladimir Padunov and Elena Petrovskaya

7:30pm Vladimir Mirzoev’s Boris Godunov (2011)
Introduction: Dawn Seckler and Discussion