Re-imagining Class: Recent Russian Cinema
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have a schedule of the events?
The Symposium website lists all the known times and dates for each screening, discussion, and so on. A compiled listing including all venues and events will be distributed at the Symposium.

2. Are the times listed on those pages final?
As final as we can tell you right now. Any changes will be immediately announced on the website.

3. Will you give free passes to any/all of the events? In exchange for talks/movie bootlegs/ice-cream sundaes/assorted Soviet memorabilia?
Nice try. Actually, what kind of memorabilia?

4. What are some hotels where I could stay?
These are close to the University:
Holiday Inn, 100 Lytton Avenue, +1 (412) 682-6200.
Hilton Garden Inn University Place, 3454 Forbes Avenue, +1 (412) 683-2040.
There's also a more comprehensive list.

5. Where can I find maps? driving directions?
The University of Pittsburgh provides campus maps and directions. Some screenings also take place at Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Melwood Screening Room.

6. How can I contact you?
Kindly note that because of the large volume of e-mail, we will be unable to respond to questions that are answered elsewhere on this Website. You are welcome to e-mail the Symposium Organizers.