Re-imagining Class: Recent Russian Cinema
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Daytime panels/screenings will be in David Lawrence 106
Evening screenings at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers' Melwood Screening Room

Monday 29 April

9am: Sergei Loban's Chapiteau-Show I (2011)
Introduction: Terrence Smith
Response: Elise Thorsen

2pm: Sergei Loban's Chapiteau-Show II (2011)
Introduction: Ana Olenina
Response: Trevor Wilson

Tuesday 30 April

9am: Viktor Ginzburg’s Generation P (2011)
Introduction: Barbara Wurm
Response: Irina Anisimova

2pm: Roman Prygunov's Dukhless (2012)
Introduction: Masha Salazkina
Response: Olga Mukhortova

Wednesday 1 May

9am: Dmitrii Fiks's White Moor (2011)
Introduction: Lucy Fisher
Response: Theodora Kelly Trimble

2:30pm: Roundtable 1
Natascha Drubek-Meyer and Gregory Dolgopolov

7:30pm: Avdot'ia Smirnova's Kokoko (2012)
Introduction: Barbara Wurm / Discussion

Thursday 2 May

9am: Sarik Andreasian's An Office Romance: Our Time (2011)
Introduction: Inna Khatkovskaya
Response: Natalia Ryabchikova

7:30pm: Renata Litvinova's Rita’s Last Fairy Tale (2012)
Introduction: Natascha Drubek-Meyer / Discussion

Friday 3 May

9am: Angelina Nikonova's Twilight Portrait (2011)
Introduction: Greg Dolgopolov
Response: Kiun Hwang

2pm: Andrei Zviagintsev's Elena (2011)
Introduction: Natascha Drubek-Meyer
Response: Gerald Mccausland

7:30pm: Vladimir Kott's Gromozeka (2011)
Introduction: Greg Dolgopolov / Discussion

Saturday 4 May

11am: Roundtable 2
Vladimir Padunov and Ana Olenina

7:30pm: Mikhail Segal's Short Stories (2012)
Introduction: Gerald Mccausland / Discussion