Schedule of the 16th Russian Film Symposium

Daytime panels/screenings will be in Wesley W. Posvar Hall 1500
Evening screenings at the Pittsburgh Filmmakers’ Melwood Screening Room

Monday 5 May
10 am: Boris Khlebnikov’s Till Night Do Us Part, 2012 (65 min)
Introduction: Viktoriia Belopol’skaia.  Audio recording of the introduction
Response: Natalie RyabchikovaAudio recording of the response.
2 pm: Gennadii Ostrovskii’s Dumpling Brothers, 2013 (90 min)
Introduction: Anzhelika Artiukh.  Audio recording of the introduction
Response: Beach GrayAudio recording of the response.

Tuesday  5 May
10 am: Aleksei Balabanov’s Me Too!, 2012 (83 min)
Introduction: Mark Lynn AndersonAudio recording of the introduction
Response: Chip Crane.  Audio recording of the response.
2 pm:  Ivan Vyrypaev’s Delhi Dance, 2012 (95 min)
Introduction: Philip Cavendish.  Audio recording of the introduction
Response: Olga Mukhortova.  Audio recording of the response.

Wednesday 7 May
10 am: Kira Muratova’s Eternal Homecoming, 2012 (114 min)
Introduction: Daniel Morgan.  Audio recording of the introduction
Response: Kiun Hwang.  Audio recording of the response. 
2:30 pm: Roundtable 1
Nancy Condee and Viktoriia Belopol’skaia.  Audio recording of the roundtable
7:30 pm:  Natasha Merkulova and Aleksei Chupov’s Intimate Parts, 2013 (106 min)
Introduction: Anzhelika Artiukh.  Audio recording of the introduction  / Audio recording of the discussion

Thursday 8 May
10 am: Larissa Sadilova’s She, 2013 (85 min)
Introduction: Jeremy HicksAudio recording of the introduction. 
Response: Olga KimAudio recording of the response. 
7:30 pm:  Aleksei Mizgirev’s The Convoy, 2012 (80 min)
Introduction: Jeremy Hicks.  Audio recording of the discussion.

Friday 9 May
10 am:  Sergei Taramaev and Liubov’ L’vova’s A Winter Journey, 2013 (90 min)
Introduction: Petre PetrovAudio recording of the introduction.
Response: Olga KlimovaAudio recording of the response.
2 pm: Aleksei Fedorchenko’s Celestial Wives of the Meadow Mari, 2012 (106 min)
Introduction: Neepa MajumdarAudio recording of the introduction.
Response: Irina AnisimovaAudio recording of the response. 
7:30 pm: Ekaterina Telegina’s Break-Up Habit, 2013 (83 min)
Introduction: Philip Cavendish.   Audio recording of the introduction / Audio recording of the discussion

Saturday 10 May
11am: Roundtable 2
Vladimir Padunov and Anzhelika Artiukh.  Audio recording of the roundtable. Part 1  / Audio recording of the roundtable. Part 2.
7:30 pm: Vasilii Sigarev’s Living, 2011 (120 min)
Introduction: Viktoriia Belopol’skaia Audio recording of the introduction. / Audio recording of the discussion.